Foreign Study Prerequisites

The minimum prerequisite is two courses, one taken from lists of courses approved by WGSS and the other from a list approved by AMES/ASCL (some courses appear on both lists).  Other courses with substantial South Asia-related content may also qualify as prerequisites. Please contact the current Faculty Director to find out whether a particular course might qualify. Admitted students will also need to complete a list of required readings that will prepare them for their stay in India and participate in a pre-program orientation specifically designed for this FSP.

Asian Societies, Cultures, and Languages (formerly Asian and Middle Eastern Studies)

Approved Courses

  • ARTH 17.14/AMES 42.13 Art and Industry: The Visual Culture of South Asia (16F)
  • ASCL 11.04 Introduction to South Asia (18F)
  • ASCL 54.01 Political Economy of Development in South Asia (17F, 18F)
  • ASCL 54.02 Ethnic Identity in Modern South Asia (17F)
  • ANTH 32/ASCL 55.01: Anthropology of Tibet and the Himalayas (19W, 21W)
  • GOV 40: Politics of India (17S, 18S)
  • HIST 5.11/ASCL 64.10: Gandhi and Twentieth Century India (18S, 20S, 21W)
  • HIST 75/ASCL 64.06: Colonialism, Development, and the Environment in Africa & Asia (19S, 20W, 21W)
  • HIST 76/ASCL 64.07: History of Modern South Asia (19S, 20W, 21S)
  • REL 9/ASCL 51.01: Hinduism (17W, 18W, 20W)
  • REL 18: Indian Buddhism (16S, 18S, 19F)
  • REL 28.03/WGSS 30.01 Muslim Feminisms (17X, 20X)
  • REL 40.01: Gods, Demons, and Monkeys: The Ramayana Epic of India (17S, 21S)
  • REL 40.07: Hindus and Muslims in India (18S)
  • REL 42/WGSS 43.04 Goddesses of India (17W, 18W, 20F)

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Approved Courses

  • WGSS 10: Sex, Gender, and Society (Summer, Fall, Winter Terms)
  • WGSS 16: Contemporary Issues in Feminism (Spring Term)
  • WGSS 30.01/GEOG 26 Women, Gender, and Development (18F, 19F)
  • WGSS 36.01/ANTH 31: Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective (19S, 20W)
  • WGSS 37.06/GEOG 80.06/ASCL 70.17 Women in Asian Cities (19S, 20S)
  • WGSS 41.04/REL 28.03 Muslim Feminisms (17X, 20X)
  • WGSS 41.06 Transnational Feminisms (19F, 20F)
  • WGSS 43.04/REL 42 Goddesses of India (18W, 20F)
  • WGSS 52.05 Women, Representation, Power: Writing India, Then and Now (19W)