Foreign Study Program in Hyderabad, India

The Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program, in partnership with the Asian Societies, Cultures, and Languages Program (ASCL), offers an interdisciplinary Foreign Study Program in Hyderabad, India during the Winter Term. 

About the Program

The Program is based at the University of Hyderabad. Dartmouth students attending this foreign study program (FSP) live in an international student dormitory on the University of Hyderabad campus and have a chance to get involved in campus activities. 

Students take three academic courses: Course 1, taught by the Dartmouth faculty director and corresponding with his or her field of expertise; Course 2, “Gender and Film in Modern India,” taught by a local professor, and Course 3, chosen from a few options in the University of Hyderabad curriculum, allowing Dartmouth students to be in the classroom with local students.

All three courses on the FSP will qualify for credit toward the Asian Societies, Cultures, and Languages (ASCL) Major. For credit toward the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major: “Gender and Film in Modern India” will always qualify, the course chosen from the University of Hyderabad offerings will qualify if chosen carefully, and the faculty director’s course may or may not qualify, depending on its content in a given year. Classroom work is supplemented by excursions and guest lectures.

About Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of India's largest and most cosmopolitan cities, reflecting the intersection of North and South Indian cultures as well as both Hindu and Muslim influences. It is a center of many important academic institutions, a dynamic economy increasingly based upon high-technology firms, and an extensive Telugu film industry. It also possesses a rich tradition of political and social activism that is reflected in a wide range of social movements and non-governmental organizations.

Students also benefit from the Foreign Study Program's relationship with the Anveshi Research Centre, a research institute and library devoted to Women's Studies with an active, and activist, community of scholars.