Ivy Schweitzer

Triple Threat: Samantha Gutiérrez ’11

Midway into her first year at Dartmouth, Samantha “Sam” Gutiérrez ’11 was reconsidering her initial plan to major in government. So she sat down with the course catalog, selected all the courses she was interested in, and emerged with a triple major in women’s and gender studies, geography, and sociology.

Gutiérrez counts herself equally dedicated to all three subjects, but one course in particular—“Inside Out: Women, Prison, and Performance”—convinced her to concentrate on gender and the law. The interdisciplinary course taught by Professor Ivy Schweitzer was held at Dartmouth and the Valley Vista women’s substance abuse center in Bradford, Vt.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students Collaborate on an Original Play with Female Prisoners

Dartmouth undergraduate and graduate students have been gaining in-depth knowledge of the incarceration system this summer term through “Inside Out: Prison, Women and Performance,” a community-based learning course taught by Ivy Schweitzer, professor of English and women’s and gender studies, and Pati Hernandez, founder of the Telling My Story project. Students and the female prisoners they’ve been working with at the Sullivan County House of Corrections will stage a collaborative performance on August 19 and 20 at the prison in Unity, N.H.