Nineteenth Annual Stonewall Event

Helen Ceballos, a multidisciplinary artist based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, wa the Nineteenth Stonewall Speaker. Ceballos, a multidisciplinary artist and cultural producer based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, gave a hybrid performance piece and artist talk, "El cuerpo y la ruina/Body and Ruins" at 5 PM on April 10, 2019, in the Warner Bentley Theater of the Hopkins Center.

Ceballos uses her body to explore images of herself in relation with sounds, videos and space. Her work explores the relationship between diaspora and the erotic, props and technological tools as affective mediations between herself and her community. With her images she creates auto fictional narratives that involves aspects of her personal history tracing diasporic relations with Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba and Puerto Rico. Her work has been shown in several countries: Dominican Republic, Argentina, United States, Mexico, Spain, Catalonia, Germany and Puerto Rico. She has presented her performance work in the KM0 International Performance Festival in the Dominican Republic (2017), in ORG gallery in Barcelona (2018), the International Performance Festival La Muga Caula, Girona (2018), the OKK Gallery in Berlin and the alternative space Cómplices in Madrid. As a producer, in 2013, she created Mezcolanza in Buenos Aires, a performance alternative festival where she invited different artists to present their works in different spaces in Latin America, the United States, Europe and the Caribbean. In Puerto Rico she directed in 2016, La Casa de Cultura Ruth Hernández Torres, a cultural center where she coordinated community workshops, exhibitions, talks, concerts and other artistic activities until its closure after Hurricane Maria. After the hurricane, Ceballos created in 2017 a community-based project called Ráfaga Solidaria offering artistic workshops to the elderly communities throughout the island. She is currently working in the Queer Innovation and Resilience Circuit organization (C.I.R.Q) as a director of artistic and cultural programs for the LGBTTQI community.