Erin E. Collins

|Assistant Professor
Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor of Geography

I am a feminist, urban geographer. Most broadly, I study the political economy and cultural politics of urban transformation with particular interest in the politics of displacement (both historic and contemporary) in Southeast Asian cities. My current reserach is based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and examines claims to space and power between 1979- 2017. My scholarship and my teaching are influenced by transnational feminist, post-colonial, and global urban studies. 


Fairchild, Room 017
HB 6017


  • B.A. University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Ph. D. University of California Berkeley

Selected Publications

  • Collins, Erin. "Anarchism/anachronism: Mobilising archiveology against an urban chronopolitics of dispossession." Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers (2022).

  • Collins, Erin, and Sylvia Nam. "Between the law and the actual situation: Failure as property formation in French colonial Indochina." Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 40, no. 2 (2022): 227-244.

  • Collins, Erin. "Of Crowded Histories and Urban Theory: A Feminist Critique of Temporal Closure and Patrimonial Claims to the Urban." International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 45, no. 4 (2021): 612-629.