Summer 2014

WGST 10 Sex, Gender, and Society

This course will investigate the roles of women and men in society from an interdisciplinary point of view. We will analyze both the theoretical and practical aspects of gender attribution—how it shapes social roles within diverse cultures, and defines women and men's personal sense of identity. We will discuss the following questions: What are the actual differences between the sexes in the areas of biology, psychology, and moral development? What is the effect of gender on participation in the work force and politics, on language, and on artistic expression? We will also explore the changing patterns of relationships between the sexes and possibilities for the future. Open to all students. Dist: SOC; WCult: CI.

Section 1: Professor Aguado Section 2: Professor Bergland
2 hour

WGST 30.1/GEOG 26 Women, Gender, and Development

This course will examine various aspects of gender and development. We will begin by defining development and identifying the places where economic and social development is orchestrated and experienced. This will lead to discussions and critical inquires into the spaces and scales of economic development including issues of mobility, migration, global labor, and markets. Gender, development, and conflict will also be addressed with regard to reconstruction and reconciliation in post-conflict spaces. Dist. SOC; WCult: CI.

Professor Paudel
10A Hour

WGST 43.7/AAAS 81.4/REL74/SOCY 49.21 The Black Church and Black Bodies: Race, Sexuality, and Class in Religious Culture

Black churches are challenged to better understand and respond to subjects that are often considered taboo. This course will focus on ideas and approaches that have informed the historic and current Black Church around race, sexuality, and class (and their nexus). Informed by Cultural Theory, it will consider how such churches have endeavored to understand, socialize, and in some instances, control Black bodies as well as some of the broader implications for critically assessing inequality, diversity, and social justice. DIST: TMV; CI: SOC (Pending Faculty Approval).

Professor Barnes
Tuesdays 3-6 PM

Associated Courses

SOCY 44/LATS 5 Complexities of Latino Identities in the United States

Professor Gomez
10A Hour