Associated Courses

Associated courses are offered by other departments or programs and may be used to count towards a WGSS Major or Minor, but are not cross-listed. Depending on the offering department or program, some associated courses may have prerequisites or may be conducted in a language other than English. While we try hard to keep our lists up-to-date, always contact the WGSS office if you have questions about whether a course is associated.

African and African American Studies

AAAS 19: Representations of African American Women in Cinema

AAAS 26: Toni Morrison

AAAS 80.02: Black Brazilian Women Writers

AAAS 84: Caribbean Women Writers

AAAS 86: Black Women Writers

AAAS 86.02: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary Brazilian Film

AAAS 89: Gender and Race in Latin America


ANTH 12.06: Lifting the Veil: Women and the Politics of Kinship in the Middle East

ANTH 33: Crossing Over: Latino Roots and Traditions

ANTH 34: Comparative Perspectives on the US-Mexican Borderlands

ANTH 36: Contemporary Africa

ANTH 44: Globalization from Above and Below

Art History

ARTH 16.02 Women in Art

ARTH 71: The 'American Century': Modern Art in the United States

ARTH 80: Sex, Gender, and Identity in the Arts of the Ancient World

ARTH 82: Ideals of Physical Beauty: Gender and Body in Ancient Art

ARTH 82: Women and the Art of Japan

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

AMES 19: Writing Gender in Islamic Space

AMES 27: D.F.S.P. Course I

AMES 28: D.F.S.P. Course II (may or may not count for WGSS credit, depending on elective enrollment at the University of Hyderabad)

AMES 28: D.F.S.P. Director's Course (may or may not count for WGSS credit, depending on the faculty director and the topic)

AMES 42.08: Divine Love: Desire, Sex, and Romance in Traditions of India


Comparative Literature

COLT 37: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Gendered Images in the Literary Fairy Tale

COLT 39: Trauma and Prose Fiction

COLT 47: Medea

COLT 52: Beyond Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll: Radical Latinos in the 60s

COLT 52: The Borderlands: Latina/o Writers in the United States

COLT 55.01: Divine Love: Desire, Sex, and Romance in the Traditions of India

COLT 67.01: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary Brazilian Film


EDUC 57: Social, Emotional, and Moral Development

EDUC 62: Adolescent Development and Education


ENGL 31: Asian American Literature and Culture

ENGL 51.13: Gender and Power in Shakespeare

ENGL 53.06: Women’s Literature and Technologies of Transmission

ENGL 53.33: Gender and Sexuality in Asian America

ENGL 62: The New Emily Dickinson

ENGL 73.07: The Poetry of Elizabeth Bishop

ENGL 73.09: The United States of Queer


FREN 60: Gender and French Literature

FREN 60: Gender and Genre in the Eighteenth Century

FREN 60: Feminist Theory and the Practice of Writing

FREN 60: Women in the Eighteenth Century

FRIT 37.03: Black Feminisms in the French Atlantic


GEOG 28: Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity

GEOG 43: Geographies of Latin America

GEOG 48: Geographies of the Middle East


GOVT 60 Alternative Political Theory

GOVT 86.27 Ethics of the Family

GOVT 86.36 The Social and Political Thought of Ida B. Wells and W.E.B. DuBois


HIST 48: European Society in the Industrial Age

HIST 63: History of Recent Science and Technology


ITAL 10: Love, Marriage and Adultery in Italian Literature

ITAL 10: What About Italian Women

Japanese Studies

JAPN 61: Gender and Nationalism in Japanese Literature and Film

JAPN 62.01 Body Politics in Japan: Beauty, Disfigurement, Corporeality

JAPN 63.02 Gender, Sexuality, and Power in Premodern Japan

Jewish Studies

JWST 15: The Middle East Conflict in Film and Literature

JWST 56: Women in Islam and Judaism

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

LACS 50.05: Sex, Science, and Religion in Latin America

LACS 80: Gender and Race in Latin America

Latino Studies

LATS 5: Complexities of Latino Identities in the United States

LATS 40: Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity

LATS 41: Latinos in the Media and the Arts

LATS 44: Crossing Over: Latino Roots and Transitions

LATS 51: Beyond Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll: Radical Latinos in the 60s


MUS 45.01: Music and Gender

Native American Studies

NAS 30: Native Cultural Production: (Re)Mapping Race, Gender, and Nation


PHIL 9: Love and Friendship

PHIL 9: Reproductive Ethics


REL 19.13: Divine Love: Desire, Sex, and Romance in Traditions of India

REL 19: Muslim Networks, from Hajj to Hip-Hop

REL 19: Race, Religion, Gender in North and South Sudan

REL 19: Women in Islam and Judaism

REL 39: Magic, Madwomen, and Mystics: An Alternative Christian Spirituality

REL 40: Gods, Demons and Monkeys: The Ramayana Epic in India

Russian Language and Literature

RUSS 13: Slavic Folklore: Vampires, Witches, and Firebirds

RUSS 38: Contemporary Russian Women Writers


SOCY 31: Youth and Society

SOCY 33: Self and Society

SOCY 39: Reproductive Rights and Technologies

SOCY 43: Dangerous Intersections: Race, Class and Gender

SOCY 44: Complexities of Latino Identities in the United States

SOCY 48: Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity


SPAN 50: Gender and Sexuality in Hispanic Studies

SPAN 50.02: New Sexual and Social Identity in Film and Literature in Post-Franco Spain

SPAN 62: Gender and Writing in Twentieth Century Spain

SPAN 62: Woman Writers in Twentieth Century Spain

SPAN 72: Latin American and Latina Women: Gender, Culture, Language

SPAN 78: Living in the Borderlands: Latino/a Culture and Identity

SPAN 79: Latino/a Literature: Between Literary Traditions, Languages and Cultures


THEA 24: Engendering Asian Performance