Associated Courses

Associated courses are offered by other departments or programs and may be used to count towards a WGSS Major or Minor, but are not cross-listed. Depending on the offering department or program, some associated courses may have prerequisites or may be conducted in a language other than English. While we try hard to keep our lists up-to-date, always contact the WGSS office if you have questions about whether a course is associated.

African and African American Studies

  • AAAS 26 Toni Morrison
  • AAAS 44 Contemporary Africa
  • AAAS 80.02 Black Brazilian Women Writers
  • AAAS 86 Black Women Writers
  • AAAS 86.02 Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary Brazilian Film
  • AAAS 89 Gender and Race in Latin America


  • ANTH 12.06 Lifting the Veil: Women and the Politics of Kinship in the Middle East
  • ANTH 33 Crossing Over: Latino Roots and Traditions
  • ANTH 34 Comparative Perspectives on the US-Mexican Borderlands
  • ANTH 36 Contemporary Africa
  • ANTH 44 Globalization from Above and Below

Art History

  • ARTH 16.02 Women in Art
  • ARTH 71 The 'American Century': Modern Art in the United States
  • ARTH 80 Sex, Gender, and Identity in the Arts of the Ancient World
  • ARTH 84.02 Ideals of Physical Beauty: Gender and Body in Ancient Art
  • ARTH 82 Women and the Art of Japan

Asian Societies, Cultures, and Languages

  • ASCL 51.06 Buddhism, Gender, and Sexuality in Southeast Asia
  • ASCL 53.01 Divine Love: Desire, Sex, and Romance in Traditions of India

Comparative Literature

  • COLT 39 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Gendered Images in the Literary Fairy Tale
  • COLT 39 Trauma and Prose Fiction
  • COLT 47 Medea
  • COLT 52 Beyond Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll: Radical Latinos in the 60s
  • COLT 52 The Borderlands: Latina/o Writers in the United States
  • COLT 55.01 Divine Love: Desire, Sex, and Romance in the Traditions of India
  • COLT 67.02 Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary Brazilian Film


  • EDUC 57 Social, Emotional, and Moral Development
  • EDUC 62 Adolescent Development and Education


  • ENGL 31 Asian American Literature and Culture
  • ENGL 51.13 Gender and Power in Shakespeare
  • ENGL 53.06 Women's Literature and Technologies of Transmission
  • ENGL 62 The New Emily Dickinson
  • ENGL 73.07 The Poetry of Elizabeth Bishop
  • ENGL 73.09 The United States of Queer


  • FREN 60 Gender and French Literature
  • FREN 60 Gender and Genre in the Eighteenth Century
  • FREN 60 Feminist Theory and the Practice of Writing
  • FREN 60 Women in the Eighteenth Century
  • FRIT 37.03 Black Feminisms in the French Atlantic


  • GEOG 28 Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity
  • GEOG 43 Geographies of Latin America
  • GEOG 48 Geographies of the Middle East

German Studies

  • GERM 42.13 Gender and Jewish-German Culture


  • GOVT 60 Alternative Political Theory
  • GOVT 86.27 Ethics of the Family
  • GOVT 86.36 The Social and Political Thought of Ida B. Wells and W.E.B. DuBois


  • HIST 48 European Society in the Industrial Age
  • HIST 63 History of Recent Science and Technology


  • ITAL 10 Love, Marriage and Adultery in Italian Literature
  • ITAL 10 What About Italian Women

Japanese Studies

  • JAPN 61 Gender and Nationalism in Japanese Literature and Film
  • JAPN 62.01 Body Politics in Japan: Beauty, Disfigurement, Corporeality
  • JAPN 63.02 Gender, Sexuality, and Power in Premodern Japan

Jewish Studies

  • JWST 15 The Middle East Conflict in Film and Literature
  • JWST 56 Women in Islam and Judaism

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

  • LACS 50.05 Sex, Science, and Religion in Latin America
  • LACS 80 Gender and Race in Latin America

Latino Studies

  • LATS 5 Complexities of Latino Identities 
  • LATS 40 Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity
  • LATS 41 Representations of/from Latinos in the Media and the Arts
  • LATS 44 Crossing Over: Latino Roots and Transitions
  • LATS 51 Beyond Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll: Radical Latinos in the 60s


  • MUS 45.01: Music and Gender

Native American Studies

  • NAS 30: Native Cultural Production: (Re)Mapping Race, Gender, and Nation


  • PHIL 9 Love and Friendship
  • PHIL 9 Reproductive Ethics
  • PHIL 22 Feminism and Philosophy


  • REL 19.13 Divine Love: Desire, Sex, and Romance in Traditions of India
  • REL 19 Women in Islam and Judaism
  • REL 39 Magic, Madwomen, and Mystics: An Alternative Christian Spirituality
  • REL 40 Gods, Demons and Monkeys: The Ramayana Epic in India
  • REL 41.07 Buddhism, Gender, and Sexuality in Southeast Asia

Russian Language and Literature

  • RUSS 13 Slavic Folklore: Vampires, Witches, and Firebirds
  • RUSS 38 Contemporary Russian Women Writers


  • SOCY 31 Youth and Society
  • SOCY 33 Self and Society
  • SOCY 36 Sociology of Family
  • SOCY 39 Reproductive Rights and Technologies
  • SOCY 43 Dangerous Intersections: Race, Class and Gender
  • SOCY 44 Complexities of Latino Identities 
  • SOCY 48 Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity


  • SPAN 50 Gender and Sexuality in Hispanic Studies
  • SPAN 50.02 New Sexual and Social Identity in Film and Literature in Post-Franco Spain
  • SPAN 62 Gender and Writing in Twentieth Century Spain
  • SPAN 62 Woman Writers in Twentieth Century Spain
  • SPAN 65.09 Performeras on the Latin American Stage
  • SPAN 72 Latin American and Latina Women: Gender, Culture, Language
  • SPAN 78 Living in the Borderlands: Latino/a Culture and Identity
  • SPAN 79 Latino/a Literature: Between Literary Traditions, Languages and Cultures


  • THEA 10.65 Performeras on the Latin American Stage
  • THEA 24 Engendering Asian Performance