Roberta L. Stewart

Academic Appointments

Professor of Classical Studies


Reed, Room 303
HB 6086


  • B.A. University of Michigan
  • American School of Classical Studies at Athens
  • Ph.D. Duke University

Selected Publications

  • Forthcoming. "Gender, Class, and Slavery in Plautus' Rudens in 1884 St. Louis," CJ  special

    edition. Edited by T.J. Moore and Z. Stamatopoulou.

    2023. "Seeing Fotis: Slavery and Gender in Apuleius' Metamorphoses," CA 42: 195–228.

    2019. with Dominic Machado, "Progress and Precarity: 150 Years of TAPA," TAPA 149

    Supplement: 39-60. 

    2019. "Seeing Caesar's Symbols: Religious Implements on the Coins of Julius Caesar and His

    Successors," in Concordia Disciplinarum: Essays on Coinage, Ancient History, and Archaeology in Honor of William E. Metcalf. Edited by N. Elkins and J. ​DeRose Evans (American Numismatic Society publications) 107-119.

    2015. "Ancient Narratives and Modern War Stories: Reading Homer with Combat Veterans," Amphora 12.1: 1-3, 20-21.

  • 2014. "The Slave as Roman Outsider," in D. Hammer, ed. Blackwell Companion to Ancient and Modern Democracies and Republics: A Comparative Approach (Wiley-Blackwell) 405-428.